Thermaline 2977 VOC



A zinc-filled, high temperature resistant primer for the protection of steel substrates at elevated temperatures up to 800°F (426°C). Excellent for use as both a new construction or maintenance primer for high heat steel surfaces. Suitable for use in any process industry where hot surfaces need corrosion protection.

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Thermaline 2977 VOC PDS English

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Thermaline 2977 VOC (Zinc Filler Type II) MSDS Part B English

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Thermaline 2977 VOC MSDS Part A English

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Features & Benefits

  • VOC compliant to 340 g/l
  • Tolerant of power tool cleaned surfaces
  • Zinc filler provides excellent corrosion and undercuttung resistance
  • May be applied over hot substrates up to 150°F (65°C)
  • Will air dry “tack free” at ambient but will remain soft until heat curing has been achieved
  • Typically topcoated with a silicone or modified silicone finish