Carboguard 881

A versatile anti-corrosive coating used either as a primer, intermediate coat, or self-priming finish over steel or zinc primers. May be topcoated with itself, or a broad variety of high performance finish coats for atmospheric exposures or with antifoulants for immersion in fresh or salt water. It has surface tolerant properties and is used in the marine and offshore industries for both above and below the waterline.

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Features & Benefits

  • Ready to apply after mixing; no sweat-in time or thinning required
  • Versatile epoxy for above or below the waterline
  • Extended recoat window (6 mos) for immersion applications
  • Used as a primer, intermediate, or finish coat
  • Power tool cleaned surfaces acceptable for atmospheric exposures
  • HAPs value of 0.12 lbs/solid gallon
  • NESHAP and VOC compliant