Carboguard 890 LT GF



A glass reinforced chemically resistant epoxy coating with wide versatility in all industrial markets. It is self-priming. Glass reinforcement improves internal film strength, hardness, impact, and abrasion resistance. It is often used in severe service above the water line in marine applications where these resistance qualities are desired.

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Carboguard 890 LT GF PDS English

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Carboguard 890 LT GF (Carboguard 890 LT) MSDS Part B English

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Carboguard 890 LT GF (Carboguard 890) MSDS Part A English

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Features & Benefits

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Surface tolerant characteristics for less severe applications
  • Conventional and low-temperature versions
  • Self-priming and primer/finish capabilities
  • Excellent abrasion resistance & hardness
  • VOC compliant to current AIM regulations
  • Non-skid service with optional fillers